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  • "The Movies" ("El cine") is, at long last, the English translation (Asa Satzt) of my first story. It was written back in 1974 and it is a first generation feminist text. At the time I was in my late twenties and had nothing behind my back except the moral conviction that I was a latecomer to literature. I sent the manuscript to Carlos Barral, at the time, arguably, the very best publisher in the Spanish language. Carlos received me in his old flat in Barcelona, declared himself delighted with the text and offered to publish it at once in a new collection devoted to short novels of already senior and respected writers. He had only one modest fancy. That I write a few pages more. In his opinion the story was slightly short for his editorial mores. My reply was. "Well, Carlos, I have already written it that and I doubt I can make any corrections. For me it is a final text. After all "Death in Venice" is also a seventy pages story and it happens to be a masterpiece".

    "The cruel abstraction of youth" as the poet said plus my innocence and arrogance put an end to my first love, literature. The story was never published. Who cared? In 1977 I got the Gold Medal at the Moscow Film Festival. Movies would be my life. Download
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