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José A. Zorrilla - Film Director and Writter

History of the Holy European Empire

Por el Mandaringrave de Talas
Segunda Edición.
Epílogo de José A. Zorrilla

Summary of the History of the Holy European Empire.
The Mandaringrave von Talas, member of the Imperial European Council is terrified with the spread of ideas coming from the Confederation of American States, always at war for they are nation states, so he decides to write a History of the Holy European Empire to underline the key moments of the Imperial construct today happily in power. His thesis is that the Empire exists thanks to a series of lucky events. Things might have different. Sweden and Poland might not have discovered America, Atila might not have refounded Byzantium and Saladin could have overcome the Empire at Talas winning thus Asia for the Islam. Before these great serendipities of history it is crazy to defend novelties like citizenship, human rights, national languages and the like. Providence is not to be tempted. The text is based upon the Western literary cycles. Cid, Roland, Nibelungen, General Chronicle of the Rus... but fiction also plays a role and Sherlock Holmes, the soldier Svejk, Abelard and Heloise have a bit part. Marx and Engels too. The book is a parody but also established fiction and attempts to build a case for a united continent. It is dedicated to the "ironical travellers" of the Enlightenment, specifically those of the "Persian Letters". The book has no publisher yet. For any expression of interest or professional comment please contact me in my email. French or Italian are also languages I read and write. German Ich lese, andere Fahigkeiten nur beim Notfall. First 48 pages enclosed. In Spanish.

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José Antonio Zorrilla

Noticia de la presentación del libro.

Crítica en "El Confidencial".

Trailer del libro

José Antonio Zorrilla
José A. Zorrilla · Film Director and Writter
FILMOGRAPHY: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0957980/

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