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I wrote "Madrid Babylon" in Milan (1991). Publisher Feltrinelli loved it but editorial policies demanded the book to be published in Spain first. I am still waiting for the miracle to come.

Yet the text was interesting enough to deserve Mr. Asa Satz attention. Considering his curriculum as a translator I felt very honored he felt like blessing the whole thing. So here it is for you to enjoy, the text (bugle) of.... MADRID BABYLON (aka "El rey de la movida")

Chapter 1: Patxi
Chapter 2: Laura
Chapter 3: Cuco
Chapter 4: Botín
Chapter 5: Palacio
Chapter 6: Felisa and José Mari
Chapter 7: Susana
Chapter 8: The Daturas
Chapter 9: Clemen
Chapter 10: Félix
Chapter 11: Laura's History
Chapter 12: Evelio
Chapter 13: Venancio
Chapter 14: The Xuntas
Chapter 15: The End

Mr. Asa Satz Bio

A native-born Manhattanite, Zatz spent over a third of his long life in Mexico where he became a professional translator. In his early years at the craft, he would translate practically anything set before him with the only proviso that the page be held still. As time went by, he became more selective until upon his return to his native New York a quarter of a century ago, he has limited himself practically exclusively to the translation of literature with special predilection for that of poetry.

His resumé is over eight pages long and covers a wide variety of genres of works by some of the more familiar names from the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and the United Sates, to mention a dozen: Carpentier, Fuentes, García Márquez, Galeano, Oscar Lewis, Eloy Martínez, Sábato, Sarmiento, B.Traven, Valenzuela, Vargas Lllosa, and Valle Inclán.

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